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Bleach Pregnancy Test – How to Perform Bleach Pregnancy Test at Home

Bleach Pregnancy Testt

A bleach pregnancy test at home is one of the convenient and inexpensive options available handy. As soon as you experience all the common pregnancy symptoms like a missed period, nausea and dizziness, just have Bleach pregnancy at your home.

For all the cases, a home pregnancy kit or a midwife are not available readily. You may not have your husband/friend to get a kit for you immediately or you may need to drive long hours to meet your doctor. Then choosing Bleach pregnancy test is the quick and safest option, to confirm your pregnancy.

How bleach pregnancy test works?

Well, you may never think your kitchen and bathroom cleaning Beach powder, helps you to detect your pregnancy. But yes, it’s true in most of the cases. Bleach pregnancy test proves right for many women all over the world.

Just take some bleach powder from your shelf and add your early morning urine to it. If you observe any reaction like bubbles, fizz or forth, then it indicates a positive result, means you are pregnant. The highly reactive nature of bleaching powder causes all the reactions. As soon as bleach powder comes in contact with urine containing HCG hormone, it starts reacting.

If you don’t observe any kind of reaction from bleach powder after the test, then it indicates a negative result. If you are not pregnant your urine will not contain HCG hormone, hence no reaction observed. Bleach powder remains plain.

Bleach Pregnancy Test
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What do you need for Beach Pregnancy test?

  1.   Clean non-metallic cups – 2
  2.   Plastic spoon or dropper
  3.   Household bleach powder from your kitchen
  4.   Morning urine sample

Bleach Pregnancy test procedure:

Just follow the steps below to predict your pregnancy result easily at home:

  1.  Take 1-2 tablespoons of household bleach powder in a clean cup, preferably plastic or glass cup.
  2.   Pee your first urine/early morning urine into a clean cup
  3.   With the help of spoon or dropper, take urine and pour it into bleach powder cup.
  4.   Mix them and wait for the reaction.

Observe the results:

After mixing both bleach and urine wait for a few minutes to find the results.

Positive result:

If you observe any bubbles or fizz or forth in the bleach powder cup, then congratulations. You are pregnant. HCG hormone in your urine is detected using a bleach pregnancy test. Have a test with a pregnancy kit in order to have strongly confirm your pregnancy and book an appointment with your gynaecologist.

Negative result:

Wait for few minutes to get the result. If you don’t find any kind of reaction in the bleach powder cup, this indicates that no HCG hormone is present in your urine. But don’t worry, early pregnancy test sometimes cannot detect pregnancy hormone. So, recheck after a week to find the accurate result.

If your test is negative even after a week, then your period may be delayed due to stress or any other health condition. Please check with your family doctor.

Tips to follow before pregnancy test:

Following these steps can maximise your pregnancy results accuracy. 

  1.   Use only standard household bleach for a bleach pregnancy test at home.
  2.   Don’t use any industrial bleach, as its highly reactive and chemical in nature, it alters the pregnancy results.
  3.   Also, don’t use scented bleach powders. Any additional chemicals can affect results.
  4.   Always use early morning urine or first urine to get accurate results
  5.   First urine contains high amounts of HCG hormone, which aids the test process accuracy
  6.   Don’t have any liquids before the test, this can dilute your urine.
  7.   Use clean cups, contaminate ones can give negative results.
  8.   Use disposable cups and spoons.
  9.   Use can also pour urine directly from cup into bleach powder cup.

Frequently asked questions before the Bleach Pregnancy test at home

Is bleach powder test accurate?

It is accurate most of the times, many women claimed to get accurate results using bleach pregnancy test at home. 

How reliable is the bleach pregnancy test at home?

Mostly you can rely on the bleach pregnancy test results if it’s positive. Just have a home pregnancy kit test too for strong confirmation.

If you get negative result very first time, give some time and try again after a week.

Which is the Best bleach powder to test?

Standard household bleach powder that you use to clean your kitchen sinks and bathrooms is best to use for this pregnancy test. Don’t go for bleach powder with fragrance or industrial bleach powders.

Can we directly pee into bleach powder cup without using another cup or spoons?

Direct peeing into the cup can form forth without any reaction. This gives an inaccurate result. If you are not comfortable using a spoon to transfer your urine, simply pour urine from one cup to bleach powder cup slowly.

Can I do a bleach pregnancy test before a missed period?

You get accurate results only after you miss your period. Before the missed period, HCG hormone levels are too low to predict in the home pregnancy test.

Can we get accurate results with a bleach pregnancy test at 4 weeks?

You can test bleach pregnancy test 4 weeks after your missed period. If your result is negative better wait for a week or perform at the 6th week for pregnancy result.

Can I perform a bleach pregnancy test after 5-6 weeks?

Yes, it’s completely safe to perform at the 6th week or after 6 weeks for accurate pregnancy result.

Does the bleach pregnancy test offer false results?

This cannot happen 99% of the times. But in some cases, if you are under any medication like fertility treatment or any other than your medication may contain HCG hormone, which can show up a false positive result.

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Hope, you got all your queries cleared before beginning the test. Go through all the points before testing to get 100% accuracy. The bleach pregnancy test is the most cost-effective, convenient and quickest possible method for predicting pregnancy results. You can sit at your home and perform the test, and need not wait for hours to get the result.

Disclaimer: The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the MaxHealthTips Site.

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