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Bottle Feeding Pros and Cons – Is it good over Breast Feeding?

Bottle Feeding Pros and Cons

Two months back when I became a mother of my child, I decided to feed my baby breast milk. However, within few days I had to change my decision and I had chosen bottle feeding due to my serious health issues and insufficient supply of milk. I have had a mix of experience, that is to say, I felt that there were some pros and cons of bottle feeding, which I want to share with you here.

While some mothers deliberately choose bottle feeding, some mothers have to go for bottle feeding option due to their serious health issues. All mothers are not lucky enough to breastfeed their babies. But there is no need to feel guilty. Today formula feeding is a good alternative to breastfeeding.

Why Should You Choose Bottle Feeding?

  • Anybody can feed your baby
  • Mothers can intake any types of food
  • You can measure the amount of milk
  • You don’t have to feed your baby frequently

Anybody Can Feed

During breastfeeding, the only mother can feed the baby. But bottle feeding gives the opportunity to all the family members of the family to feed the baby. It is true that breastfeeding deepens the bondage between the baby and mother. But bottle feeding creates bondage between the baby and all the family members, who feed the baby.

Mothers Can Intake Any Types of Food

Breastfed babies get the nutrition from breast milk. So, mothers have to be conscious of their diet and they should avoid spicy food in their meal. However, bottle feeding needs no restriction in the diet of a mother because formal is not natural milk.

You Can Measure the Amount of Milk

In case of breastfeeding, it is impossible to realize what amount of milk your baby is drinking. Only when the baby stops sucking milk, mothers can understand that baby’s diet is complete. But in case of formula feeding, you will have to prepare milk and so you will be able to see the amount of milk baby needs.

You Don’t Have To Feed Your Baby Frequently

Feeding times in bottle feeding is fewer than that of breastfeeding. As the formula is heavier than breast milk, it takes more time to get digested. So you don’t have to feed your baby frequently.

Bottom Line: Nowadays, the formula has all the nutrients, which breast milk contains. So, never think that if your baby doesn’t get breast milk, he or she will suffer from malnutrition. Today, formula feeding is a good alternative to breast milk.

Why Should You Not Choose Bottle Feeding?

  • Bottle fed baby is prone to infections
  • Expensive
  • Sterilization Of Bottles
  • Chance of obesity
  • Digestive trouble
  • Preparation of formula

Bottle Fed Baby Is Prone To Infections

Breast milk helps to increase immunity power and to fight against infections. Bottle fed baby is prone to infections and allergies. All babies can’t tolerate lactose and therefore they need lactose –free formula. So, you have to experiment with different formulas in case of bottle-fed babies, who are prone to infections and allergies.


Bottle Feeding Pros and Cons

You will have to buy all the accessories needed to feed your baby formula. As the formula is not natural, you have to buy bottles, formula, accessories for sterilization etc. Moreover, in order to avoid infections, you need to change bottles, nipples frequently. So the whole process is expensive and really hard to afford for a low-income family.


Sterilization Of Bottles

In case of bottle feeding, bottles need to be sterilized each time. Otherwise, there is a chance of infections and allergies. Thus the sterilization of bottles seems to be hectic to a mother especially at night.

Chance Of Obesity

Formula feeding baby faces the problem of obesity. Besides, the mother also doesn’t get the chance to reduce her body-weight. On the other hand, breastfed baby faces no such problem and mother also has the opportunity to lose weight gained during pregnancy.

Digestive Trouble

According to the American Pregnancy Association, breast milk contains enzymes, which help to digest milk. But the formula is not natural milk and is not easily digested. Therefore, many bottles fed babies develop gas, constipation or diarrhea. Digestive trouble is very common among bottle fed babies.

Preparation Of Formula

The formula needs to be prepared in correct proportion in warm water so that the baby gets the right level of nutrition. Before providing formula to a baby, you have to check the temperature of the milk. Nutrition varies from feed to feed. For instance, in case of some formula, 30 ml water requires 1 spoon (provided by the formula company) of milk. Its lesser amount will cause malnutrition, as well as its greater amount, will result in gas, constipation or diarrhea.


Though there are some benefits of bottle feeding, you can’t deny that breastfeeding is the best. But I know breastfeeding is always not possible for all mothers due to medical reasons and time problem. The decision either to breastfeed or bottle feed depends upon the mother. But you should consult your doctor before taking a decision.

I would be happy to know any additional tips and ideas that you can find that can be added to this topic of Bottle Feeding Pros and Cons thing.

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