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What Foods to Eat to Produce more Breast Milk – 8 Foods that increase Breast Milk

Foods to eat to produce more breast milk

Breast milk is known to be the best source of nutrition that should be offered to baby for its growth. Presence of protein in breast milk is most excellent for your baby in comparison to all other milk. The presence of iron along with calcium in breast milk is known to be best for baby’s growth.

Breast milk is fully packed with nutrients

Breast milk is fully packed with the appropriate amount of nutrients which a newborn baby requires. As per the experts, breast milk not only comprises nutrients but also has many medicinal qualities that perform several roles in the development of your baby.

The main components of breast milk are water, fat, proteins such as Lactoferrin, Lysozyme, calcium as well as phosphorous.

Benefits of breast milk for your baby

There are many benefits of breast milk as it will provide everything that your baby wants to flourish. Breastfeeding benefits both mother and child in many ways.

Some benefits of breast milk are listed below:

  • One of the most important benefits of breast milk is that it will assist your baby to fight infection and also protect our baby from colds, ear as well as chest infection and gastroenteritis.
  • It will reduce the danger of SIDS, i.e. sudden infant death syndrome.
  • It will give your baby good bacteria which will help to fight inflammation and many other digestive problems
  • Breast milk will protect your baby from childhood leukaemia.
  • It will help your baby to become obese and also help them to keep away from diabetes symptoms.
  • Breast milk will offer the proper development of your baby’s teeth as well as jaw.
  • The best thing about breastfeeding is that it will promote mother and baby bonding.

Problem of low breast milk supply

Many mothers today face the most common challenges of low milk supply to their babies.    Some reasons for the low milk supply problem are listed below:

  • You had breast surgery
  • You had mastitis
  • Smoking
  • Several medications
  • Certain medications do not allow proper breast milk supply

Foods that you should eat to increase your breast milk

Foods to eat to produce more breast milk

There are numerous methods to increase your breast milk naturally. It may take time, but proper diet will help you to overcome low breast milk supply problem.

However, there are no restrictions on the diet of nursing mothers, but there are certain foods that can help you to increase your breast milk production. Foods that help nursing mothers to increase the milk supply are known as a galactagogue. Below we have listed some foods to eat to produce breast milk.

They are:

  1. Garlic

Garlic is known to be one of the best foods to increase breast milk. It will also add a flavor to the milk and also offer many health benefits to babies. There are numerous health benefits of consuming garlic daily.  It will protect babies suffering from colic.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is known to be the best source of iron and is also very important for breastfeeding mother’s especially anemic mothers. As per expert’s anemia can be the primary cause of low breast milk supply. Thus the presence of iron in oatmeal will assist mothers to increase the milk supply as well as also increase RBC count in blood.

  1. Water

Water is known to be the best way to increase milk production. Having eight gases of water daily can solve your problem of low Breast milk production. In the initial breastfeeding days after delivery, it is essential for the mother to have water daily. Water is known to be the best way to increase milk supply naturally.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are known as the healthy source of carbohydrates and are very helpful in boosting potassium intake of your body. Having carrots daily can assist you to increase the low breast milk supply and also contribute to losing the stubborn baby weight. The time you have an urge to eat something switch to carrots as the best snacking option.

  1. Nuts

Eating Handful of nuts daily can help you in breast milk supply. Nuts comprising almonds, cashews as well as macadamia are one of the well-known snacks to boost breast milk production. Nuts are also known to be the best way to consume good fat as well as antioxidants. Keep in mind to choose low sodium and salt-free nuts.

  1. Green Papaya

Consuming unripe papaya or green papaya is best for lacking mothers. You can also have Thai food if you want the best from green papaya as it is used mostly in Thai foods. You can boil or steam green papaya and consume it.

  1. Sesame seeds

One of the benefits of sesame seeds includes the boost in breast milk production. Sesame seeds are not only delicious but also are rich in calcium. Specially consume black sesame seeds to increase milk supply. You can blend sesame seeds along with sugar, almonds as well as milk. Keep in mind to consume it in limited quantity.

  1. Brown rice

If you are a rice lover then its good news for you that brown rice enhances breast milk production and is very helpful for breastfeeding mothers. As per the experts, brown rice contains hormone stimulants which boost up lactation. Brown rice offers energy to nursing mothers which is essential post delivery.

As per the experts consuming above listed foods will help you to improve and enhance breast milk production. Keep in mind to consume these foods in limited quantity as eating them in excess can lead to some side effects too.

In case you are facing the low milk supply problem then no need to worry, as there are numerous natural ways which you can try to increase milk production. So stay updated stay healthy.

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