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Gas during Pregnancy ?- Few Tips to Relieve Gas during Pregnancy

Relive Gas During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is bliss but not a bed of roses. When women carry one more life in them, they face lots of minor and major health-related issues. Today, we will talk about one of them, and that is ‘How to Relieve Gas during Pregnancy or Gas and bloating during pregnancy.’

The gas problem occurs very frequently during pregnancy, and its frequency increases the level of irritation and uneasiness. During pregnancy, women don’t prefer to depend on medicine for gas related issues as all these medicines may have some side effects as well, so, here we have a healthier option, and that is to try home remedies.

Home remedies are the traditional way to cure small health-related issues. The home remedies employ certain spices, herbs, and other natural edible items. Somehow not all the home remedies are approved by science, but they are common and popular among the elders at home. Home remedies for gas problems are the most common ones, and during pregnancy, most ladies prefer home remedies only.

Complete prevention from the gas problem during pregnancy is not possible, but it can be cured and minimized. So, here we are sharing seven safe home remedies for gas during pregnancy.

How to get rid of Gas during Pregnancy?

Relive Gas During Pregnancy

First, we will talk about ‘Gas problem during pregnancy home remedies,’ and then we will discuss preventions that can help you to have fewer encounters with gas and bloating during pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Gas during Pregnancy

1.    Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seed is an ancient herb, and it carries many health benefits. If gas problem hits you very frequently during pregnancy, then you can soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and morning, filter the water and drink it. This is among the most common home remedies to get rid of gas and bloating during pregnancy.

2.    Drumstick

During pregnancy, constipation becomes a normal issue for the ladies. It happens due to hormonal changes and many other changes in body and the biggest side effect of this issue occurs in the form of a gas problem. So, it is suggested to the pregnant women to consume a fibrous meal. Drumstick has lots of fiber. It improves the health of your stomach and regulates the bowel movement, and the result of regular bowel movement is less gas problem.

3.    Carrom Seeds

During pregnancy, when the digestive system gets slow, and the gas problem starts occurring regularly then carom seeds speed up the digestive process. Carrom seeds carry thymol that enhances the digestive enzymes and improves the overall digestion. You can have Ajwain in the form of powder or raw. Carrom seeds also strengthen the walls of the uterus, so the overall consumption of Carrom seed is a win-win situation for pregnant ladies.

4.    Asafoetida

Asafoetida is a smelly spice. It is a very beneficial spice for digestion. Although some women believe that it’s harmful to add asafoetida in a meal during pregnancy, it’s a myth. You can add a very little quality of asafoetida in your daily meal; this will help your digestive system and prevent you from gas and bloating issues. A high dose of asafoetida is not recommended during pregnancy. Its strong smell can force you to puke. Still, you should consult your gynecologist and family doctor before using it.

5.    Fennel Seeds

Good digestion prevents gas and bloating problem, and fennel seeds are good in boosting the digestive system. During pregnancy, if you are tired of gastric issues, then you can add fennel seeds in your meal, or you can have fennel seeds’ tea. The anti-flatulence properties of fennel seeds relax the muscles of the digestive tract.

If you are experiencing a lack of appetite during pregnancy then also fennel seeds will help you by eliminating gas from the intestinal tract. This will boost your digestion and improve your appetite.

6.    Mint & Garlic

Mint is a staple food of summer. It’s a great herb to beat the heat of summer. Mint leaves carry not one but many qualities. Its cooling properties cool down the body heat, and it soothes the stomach ailments to run the digestive system properly.

Garlic’s inclusion in your diet will also help you get rid of gas and bloating issues during pregnancy. It also lowers down the fatigue and tiredness issues which are very common during pregnancy. We will suggest you not to consume garlic in the first trimester of pregnancy and during pregnancy, only little quantity of garlic is advised. Still, do consult your gynecologist before including it in your meal and diet.

7.    Watch Your Daily Routine

We have mentioned six home remedies that can prevent a very common gas problem in pregnant women. Along with these home remedies, some changes in your daily routine can also help you to stay away from gas and bloating issue. Here are a few simple tips to relieve gas during pregnancy.  

·      Drink Plenty of Water

Consumption of water helps the digestion system to perform their work. During pregnancy, when the digestion system doesn’t work well then a lady should drink approx 2.3 liters of water in a day and instead of gulping the water, sip it slowly.

·      Stay Active

Yes, during pregnancy you need some extra rest but do not let it hamper all your day to day activities just because you are pregnant. For first and last trimester you need to be cautious about being too active so that you can choose yoga. Here, please note that you should discuss with your doctor first before choosing any type of exercise. If you can’t pick anything, then start taking a walk for at least 15-20 minutes in a day.

·      Break Your Meal

During pregnancy, your stomach needs some extra time to perform its task and digest the meal. Instead of three big meals in a day, you can have small meals, six times a day. This will give rest to your digestive system and allow it to perform well.

Wrapping Up

The gas problem during pregnancy is normal, but you need to see the doctor if the pain caused by gas become unbearable. We hope that the aforementioned tips will help you to cope with gas during early pregnancy and last months of pregnancy. If you have your own recipe to get rid of the gas during pregnancy, then share it with us too in the comment section below.

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