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How can you avoid ear infection? Few tips you need to know

Ear Infection

Ear infection is such a thing which can be seen in both kids and adults also. It is more common in the kids. However, if it is found in the adults, then it can be a reason for the serious health problems. Ear infection is caused by a bacterial and viral infection which affects the middle ear. Ear infection can be painful due to inflammation of the middle ear. Ear infections are often followed by the cold, or a sore throat.

There are many symptoms of ear infection; however you should be careful if you notice some of these symptoms-

  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling of the ear
  • Irritation and also discomfort
  • Pus coming out from your ear
  • Blockage in the ear

To avoid all this you need to take some prevention as prevention is always better than cure.

Ways to prevent your Ear infection

Give up on smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. It is most dangerous for the airways which are in our body. Also avoid secondhand smoke. As much as you can, stay away from it. Smoking straightaway damages those delicate tissues which are present in the ear. Even keep kids away from smokers. It is proved in the research that kids whose parents smoke are likely to get ear infection and might cause a hearing problem also.

Tobacco smoke suppresses the baby’s immune system and makes it difficult for your baby to fight against the infection. The kids who are exposed to the smoke of cigarette they might get more ear infection. It leads to the irritation to the mucous membrane and then this causes the damage to the tiny hairs in the middle ears.

Keep your ears safe from water

Water is one of the reasons of creating the problems in inner ear. It is always recommended to keep your ears dry. Make sure that you do not forget to clean your ears after taking a shower or once you are done with swimming.

  • Take control over your allergies by following your regular allergy medicines. Mucus can build up because of these allergies.
  • Try avoid getting closer to those who are having cough and other respiratory problems.
  • Make sure that you always wash your hands properly.
  • Avoid making use of cotton swabs or any other objects which are harmful. They can injure the eardrum and the ear canal which may later lead to ear infection.
  • Have healthy foods. Avoid taking inflammatory foods. Even avoid processed food, packed foods, etc. Make a habit of taking probiotic food. Eat more fruits and veggies.

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Final Words

Most of the ear infections clear up on their own, but in severe cases, it needs to be treated by with the antibiotics. So it’s better to consult a good doctor in these cases. You need to take proper care and necessary preventive measures to prevent ear infections in both kids and adults. If you happen to see early signs or symptoms of ear infection then immediately get in touch with the nearest ENT specialist. He/she will be the best one to cure and give a proper solution for it.

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