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How to choose a Breast Pump: Everything You Need To Know!!

How to choose a Breast Pump
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Breast pumps are common as most of the women need a breast pump at some point in their lives. But it does not apply to all the women as some women are perfect for their newborn.

Unfortunately, if you are the one who needs breast pumps to feed your baby, then it is essential to know what you need in a quality breast pump.

This article will help you how to choose a breast pump according to the need of yours and newborn.

What is breast pump?

Breast pump helps new moms to feed their baby through extracting milk from the breasts of the mother of the new baby.

Using a breast pump, you can extract milk from one breast at a time or both breasts simultaneously. Then you can feed the baby through a bottle or a cup.

Pumps are useful when, due to some reasons, you are not able to give milk to your baby. But you want to provide proper nutrients that a newborn gets from the mother’s milk.

Breast Pump - How to choose a Breast Pump
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Why Mothers Need a Breast Pump?

The reason for the need for breast pumping machines may vary from woman to woman. As every mother has her separate reason to feed her baby through a breast pump. Here are some of the common reasons:

  • If you cannot feed your newborn baby due to being an inpatient in a NICU.
  • Some mothers face lactation issues.
  • Breast surgeries (in the past)
  • If the mother faces difficulty in latching her baby to the breast.
  • In case the mother faces problems in feeding the milk to newborn properly.
  • The mother of a newborn has too many health issues.
  • If your baby is with the nanny, but you want them to feed your baby with your milk.
  • The mother is temporarily taking medication and doesn’t want to take the risk with her child.
  • The mother wants to increase the milk supply for her baby.

Types of breast pumps

Hospital-grade breast pump

If you are one who has too many medical issues or genetic problems and doesn’t want them to transmit to your baby through breastfeeding or by any possible way, then, Hospital-Grade Breast Pump may prove to be a perfect choice for you.

This breast pump is designed in a way that it can be used repeatedly by multiple mothers without any bacteria getting transferred. And that why they are mostly available in hospitals.

It has a powerful motor which helps to suck milk efficiently.

The only drawback of this breast pump is that it is the most expensive option available in the market. Although to make it affordable, a lot of the hospital-grade versions are available to rent.

Electric breast pump

The electric breast pump is one of the most popular among the breast pumps. In this, mothers can easily select their preferred speed and suction level.

It is famous for moms who need to pump breast milk too many times in a week.

The electric breast pump is of two types: single and double electric. Both vary in their functionality in terms of efficiency, reliability, and portability.

However, the double electric breast pump is known to be more efficient as it simultaneously empties both breasts.

Manual breast pump

As the name suggests, the Manual breast pump is without the motor. In this, you will require to squeeze the lever by hand repeatedly to create the needed suction to extract the milk.

Some mothers prefer manual breast pumps as they are easy to use & more affordable compared to electric breast pumps.

But electric breast pumps are said to be more efficient than the manual pumps.

Manual pumps are smaller and quieter but are less efficient at getting the milk out than an electric pump.

These pumps are known to be perfect for moms who only need to pump occasionally.

At last, you may discover that you will be required to use more than one type of breast pump, depending on the situation.

Features of a right breast pump 


Efficiency is an essential feature of any breast pump. Nobody wants a machine where they have to waste too much energy of their own.

Similarly, you will not need a breast pump where you are required to waste a ton of your energy or efforts, especially if you are a new mom. So, an efficient breast pump is the one through which you will be able to extract milk from your breasts comfortably.

Painless suction

It is essential to feel comfortable with your breast pump. As the comfortable one make the extraction process painless. And if any breast pump proves to be painful, then get rid of that and consider better options on the market.

Quiet Operation

No matter if you use the breast pumps at home, work or in public. It is essential to consider the low noise level. Among all the breast pumps, manual pumps are the quietest. However, some electric pumps are also among the less noisy.

Affordable Price

No product efficiently work for the lifelong. So, buying expensive products will be a wastage of money. Please note that expensive items not always worth buying. So, it is essential to consider affordable options with reasonable pricing.

Versatile Fit

Women’s nipples and breasts vary from time to time. Therefore, always choose a product that is versatile and adaptable.Even the top breast pumps provide the necessary accessories to make it fit different size breasts and nipples. 

Replacement Parts

It is not surprising how quickly some parts break down on the device as nothing is lifelong. Hence, it is essential to invest in a product that has a quality warranty so that you would have quick access to ordering and receiving replacement parts.

Easy to Maintain

Hygiene is essential, especially if it’s a matter of a newborn baby. You should only consider a product that is easy to clean and maintain. If you do not preserve hygiene, bacteria can build and cause harm to your baby.

Easy & Quick Set-Up

Some manufacturers have made too complicated breast pumps, which are even too complicated to use. That becomes a frustration to mothers with newborns to deal with the complicated breast pumps. So, always consider a breast pump, which is easy to use.

How Do I Choose a Breast Pump?

If you are going to choose a breast pump, you should check on some basic key features according to your needs:

Suction Strength

Breast pumps have adjustable suction levels. So, it’s essential to choose a breast pump with higher suction strength to prove it more efficient for you. A breast pump with higher frequency extracts more milk. However, some women prefer a lighter rate of suction strength. At last, it is suggested e select the frequency and strength of your breast pump accurately.


The second thing which is essential to consider is its portability. The portability of a breast pump includes its weight and size. It is essential to consider a battery-powered breast pump in case you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.


A breast pump should have suction strength and speed settings. So that the user can easily customize her pumping experience. It has mentioned above that; more suction strength leads to efficient extraction of milk.


Don’t look for a product with its external features. Look for the internal work efficiency then choose the right pump for yourself. Check out the reviews and warranties to find a better pump that you can depend on throughout your breast pumping journey.

 Power Source

Choose a breast pump with long battery-powered, which lasts for a long time on a single charge. Also, it is preferable to choose a pump with a DC power adapter.


Generally, the breast pumps are non-returnable, but all these come with a certain period of warranty. However, the warranty period may differ for pump motor and parts.


If you want to track and monitor each ounce you pump, then you should go for the breast pumps with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity.These features will help you to track your pumping schedule via an app on your Smartphone.


Breast Pump Open vs. Closed System. Which one is more preferable? 

A closed system pump is more preferable than the open system as it has a barrier between the milk container and the pump mechanism. That helps to prevent dirt and bacteria from penetrating the unit.

So, a breast pump with a closed system can be used by multiple users without transmitting any disease or bacteria.

If you are planning to take a breast pump in rent, then you should consider a device that has a closed system.

At the same time, the open system works for a single user who has bought the device for herself. Moreover, it needs extra time and attention to get cleaned properly.

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