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How to clear a Stuffy Nose While Sleeping

how to clear stuffy nose while sleeping

How to clear Stuffy Nose While Sleeping

Dealing with a stuffy nose is really irritating and that too when you are going to bed. It’s annoying because a blocked nose can’t let you breathe and when you try to blow out then nothing comes out. There can be many causes for a stuffy nose like allergies, weather change, cold or sinus but the actual cause behind the stuffy nose is inflamed blood vessels in the Sinus. 

To cure the blocked nose, we immediately start looking for medicine. Somehow when we can’t breathe properly, we need immediate relief, but before reaching out to the medicine, you can try some tips to ease congestion. 

First of all, let’s understand the causes of the blocked nose at night.  

Why Nose Get Blocked In Night

There are more than one causes of the blocked nose in the night like excess mucous, inflamed blood vessels inside the nasal passageway or gravity. Yes, you read it right, gravity is one of the reasons behind the stuffed nose especially at nights. 

When we lie down, the blood pressure changes and the blood flow increases in the upper part of the body, this increased blood flow inflames the nasal vessels and nasal passage even more and create the congestion. Apart from this blood flow, there is one more reason to experience blocked nose in the night, and that is our position.

During the day when we stand up or sit then mucous from our nose can run from upside to down and sinus is swallowed. But in the night, this could not be possible because we lay down and this is the main reason that the blocked nose issues usually occur when we go to bed and when we are about to wake up in the morning. So, you can directly blame gravity for blocking your nose. 

Another reason for stuffy nose in the night is acid reflux (heartburn). When you lie down with acid in your stomach, then this acid may migrate up the oesophagus and irritate the back of the throat. The back of the throat is connected with the nasal passageways, and it can be one of the causes of the blocked nose at night.  

Now, when we know the causes of the blocked nose at night, let’s discuss the remedies for the blocked nose at night.  

Tips to Ease Congestion 

How to clear a Stuffy Nose While Sleeping1

Blocked nose issue is so annoying that when we have blocked nose issue, we can’t think of anything by how to get rid of a stuffy nose instantly. Here, we have a few tips that may be helpful in this situation.      

To get rid of the blocked nose at night, you need to take some precaution throughout the day.  Here, we have summed up a healthy daily routine divided into three parts of the day. If you follow the below-given instruction, your stuffy nose issue at night will decrease gradually. 

Routine for Daytime 

  • Do not Blow Your Nose Regularly 

When we have a stuffy nose, the first thing we do is to blow it. It gives us immediate relief but only for few seconds or maximum for a few minutes. It’s also not recommended by medical professionals. According to a research, blowing up nose create more pressure in nasal cavities, resulting in moving the fluid from the nose to sinus. So, try not to blow your nose but if you can’t resist then do it very softly.     

  • Stay Hydrated 

Thick mucus can cause a bad blockage in your nose. So, drink enough water to keep mucus loose so it can drain the sinus. 

  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine in the Evening

It is suggested to avoid alcohol and caffeine in the evening and night time to have an unblocked nose in the night. Alcohol or caffeine doesn’t mix well with sleep. When you take alcohols, your urine production increases, and you get dehydrated which is not an ideal situation for a blocked nose or generally for that matter. 

  • Stay Away from Allergies 

The issue of blocked nose starts with cold and allergy. To get rid of the blocked nose in the night, it is advised you stay away from the allergic content throughout the day. 

Routine for evening

  • Gargle with Salted Water

Doctors recommend gargling with salt in warm water. This action will not give you immediate relief, but it can flush out the virus in your throat that will give you relief later on.  

  • Steam 

Facial steam in the evening time can make your night sleep better. Facial steam loosens the mucus in your nasal passage and doesn’t let it get blocked. 

  • A Hot Shower 

To get rid of a stuffy nose in the night, it’s recommended that you have a hot water shower in the evening time. A hot shower can loosen the mucus so it couldn’t block your nose in the night.  

Routine for Night 

  • Use a Humidifier 

A humidifier gives you quick relief from a blocked nose, and it reduces sinus pain. It adds moisture and heat in the air of your bedroom, so the mucus doesn’t get thick and block your nose. So use a humidifier in your bedroom to get rid of congestion. 

  • Keep Your Head on Right Position  

One of the best tips to ease congestion while sleeping is to keep your head above your heart. It is the best position to sleep with a stuffy nose. This will decrease the blood flow towards your nose vessels, and you can have a sound sleep without the irritation of blocked nose. 

  • Take an Antihistamine

If you are prone to allergy then its suggested that you take an antihistamine before going to bed. It can help you with sneezing and running nose which are the most common results of allergy. Antihistamine is easily available at medical stores, but it’s recommended that you take a suggestion from a pharmacist or your doctor before using it. 

  • Keep your Bedroom Dark  

In case of congestion, it’s a must to get better sleep for less irritation and for that, you should keep your bedroom dark and cool. This will help you to have a good sleep. It is also suggested not to do any stressful activity in your bedroom, make it a gadget and television free area with the least noise. This will help you to get a sound sleep with and without congestion. 

Quick Tips 

Here are a few tips to get rid of a stuffy nose instantly. 

  • Press the tip of your tongue on the top of your mouth for 5-10 seconds then release that. In second step press between your eyebrows with your finger for 10 seconds. Repeat it five times. 
  • Hold your head back and pinch your nose to hold your breath for few seconds. 

Wrapping Up

We hope these tips will help you to get rid of the stuffed nose. Let us know if you got any other question related to any health issue that you are facing; we will try and answer all your queries.  

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