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How to Fix Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding

How to Fix Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding

How to fix saggy breasts after breastfeeding? Every new mom feels so happy and satisfied when she breastfeeds her little bundle of joy. Although it’s not easy for new moms to start breastfeeding their kid, it gives them immense pleasure when they feel that they have the capacity to pacify the hunger of their child. But when the mommy stops breastfeeding her grown-up baby, she finds that her breast needs some extra care. When you stop breastfeeding your child, you find that once firm and attractive your breast has now got stretch marks and become saggy.

The size of the breast starts changing during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The breast changes their shape during breastfeeding because lactation makes the fatty tissue in your breasts dense therefore your breasts look like deflated balloons on your chest.

There is no doubt that the breast is an important part of a woman’s body and it makes a woman more attractive. And having a saggy breast can make you a bit uncomfortable. So let’s first understand if you can prevent the breast from sagging.

Remedies to Prevent Breast Sagging

As it is said that ‘Prevention is better than Cure,’ so first we will discuss how can you prevent the breast from sagging, and then we will move to the part where we will talk about how to fix saggy breasts after breastfeeding.  You may have saggy breasts because of older age, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations.  The bad news is that you cannot completely prevent your breast from sagging, but a few tips can help you to maintain the firmness of those breasts.

Correct Posture

Stand and sit with straight shoulders. We habitually bend our shoulders inward which can be a reason behind the sagging breast. So be careful about your body posture.

Choose the right bra

Usually, women could not choose the correct bra for themselves. This is a reason for sagging breasts before age. Before selecting the right size of bra for yourself, first, take your measurement and then buy the correct bra. And remember not to do any work out in the absence of a sports bra. The sports bra is a must for running and while doing exercise.

Consume Plenty of Water

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is the solution to many of the issues related to our body. To prevent your breast from sagging also, you need to be hydrated. In the absence of water, the skin becomes wrinkled, so drink water to tighten skin.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

To have a firm breast, you need to maintain your weight. If you are underweight, then eat nutritious food and increase your weight. And if you are overweight then do regular exercise and try to maintain your weight according to your BMI.

After the preventions, now we will discuss the cure of sagging breasts.

How to Fix Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure to give a new shape to your breast. Mastopexy is the medical term that is used for breast lift surgery. This surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon. Breast lift surgery doesn’t change the size of your breast. It just uplifts them by removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissues.

The results of breast lift surgery are always fine, but before making your mind to go under the knife, it’s better to know whether this surgery is safe or not?

 Is Breast lift surgery Safe? 

This is the first question you need to ask your doctor before choosing the Breast lift surgery option. Modern Breast lift surgery is pretty much safe. But it includes few risks like Infection, Bleeding or hematoma formation, Breast contour and shape irregularities, etc. It is advisable that you discuss all the risks with your doctor before the surgery.

Another risk that breast lift surgery has is its scars. The surgery’s scars are forever. With time they will fade, but they will always be present on your chest. It takes two to three years to fade the scars of breast lift surgery. After Breast lift surgery, it becomes difficult for many mothers to produce milk for their kids. 

Who can chose Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery is not for everyone.  If you are a new mother and breastfeeding your kid, then it is not the right option for you to uplift your breast.  If you are planning to have a kid in the near future, then it’s better to wait a bit more before lying on the operation table.

Breast lift surgery could be the best option for you if you have saggy breasts or they have become flatter. In case your nipples and areolae point downward or one of your breasts falls lower than the other one, then also you can pick the option of Breast lift surgery to give a shape to your breast and confidence.

Cost of Breast lift surgery

The cost of breast lifts surgery depends on your location. In the USA, this surgery will cost you around $ 4,672. DO check with your doctor before making up the mind.

Exercise for Saggy Breast

The cost of Breast lift surgery can burn a hole in your pocket, and there is no loss in trying to lift sagging breast naturally. So, here we have another option, and that is to tone saggy breast with exercise

There are few exercises that can lift sagging breasts naturally.


Push-ups are one of the very common exercises that can fix saggy breasts without surgery. To do this exercise, you need to get into the plank position and make sure that your body is straight. Now go lower until your breast touch the ground. Keep your upper arms at the angle of 45 degrees to your torso. Take a pause of a few seconds and push back to your body in the previous position.

You can do Push-ups 20 times in a day divided into two sets. That means do the 10 reps of push-ups continuously and take a pause of 1-2 minutes and again repeat this exercise for 10 reps.

Dumbbell Flyes

To perform this exercise, first, lie down on the flat bench and keep your foot on the floor. Your knee will be bending in this position. Now hold a pair of dumbbell above your shoulder with your elbows slightly bent. Now bring back the weight again. Do 10 reps for this exercise and wait for a few minutes now, again do one more set.

Incline Dumbbell Press

To do this exercise, first, lie on an incline bench set no higher than 45 degrees and hold a pair of a dumbbell in both of your hands. Now slowly push weights straight above your chest and pause there for a few seconds. Now bring the weight back slowly. While performing this exercise keep your elbow close to your body.   


Swimming is also a good physical workout that can help you to fix saggy breasts without any surgery. 

Home Remedies for Sagging Breast

If you don’t want to choose Breast lift surgery to lift up your saggy breast and you are also too lazy to do the above-mentioned exercises, then this part of the article is perfect for you.

Now, we will tell you that how you can lift your sagging breast naturally with some home remedies.

A Mixture of Cucumber and Egg Yolk

A mixture of cucumber and egg yolk is one of the effective home remedies for sagging breasts. It is basically a mask of cucumber and egg yolk that tones your skin. To prepare this mask blend one small cucumber and mix 1 egg yolk in it and a teaspoon of butter or cream. Now apply it to your breast in an upward direction. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Egg White

Like egg yolk, egg white also lifts sagging breasts naturally. It has hydro-lipid in it that lifts up the sagging skin. You need to apply egg white in an upward direction on your breast and leave it as it is for 30 minutes. After this, you can wash it off with cold water.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is also one of the most popular and effective home remedies for sagging breasts. To use olive oil to lift sagging breasts naturally, you need to warm it and rub it on your palms. Now massage your breast in an upward motion for 15-20 minutes every night before going to bed.

Fenugreek Seed Powder

You can make a paste of fenugreek seed powder with water and apply it to your breast to lift sagging breast naturally. Remember you need to apply this paste in upward motion only. Leave it for 15 minutes or let it dry then wash it off. Apply this paste daily to get the desired result.

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Though this article has not been written by any professional medical practitioner, we have done proper research before adding any information to it. Still,  we recommend you not to rely solely on this information and do consult your doctor before reaching any result . We hope this article on how to fix saggy breasts after breastfeeding will help you to lift up your sagging breast. 

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