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How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash for Adults

Adult diapers, without a doubt, provide the wearers and the caretakers the real peace of mind. Adult diaper help the wearer in leading a normal life without the fear of staining clothes or getting embarrassed in front of people. And for the caretakers, it prevents from getting into the mess of changing or washing soiled clothes frequently. With the benefits that adult diapers provide, it also brings in a problem of Diaper Rashes.

The main reason for diaper rash in the adult is skin irritation in the diaper area due to skin staying wet and constant contact with the chemicals of urine and poop. The rash causes irritation, redness, discomfort, bad hygiene and infection. So cure and prevention are important if the problem occurs. We will here discuss some of the symptoms, causes, and treatment of diaper rashes.

Symptoms of Diaper Rash

How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash for Adults

Symptoms of adult diaper rash may include:

  • If the rash is mild, the skin in the diaper area will look pink and dry.
  • If the case is more serious, skin in the diaper area i.e. buttocks, thighs, and genitals becomes red, sore, and tender-looking. It may extend up to the hip area.
  • The skin may possibly become chapped and in some cases boils, pimples may also occur.
  • The skin may look bumpy and rough.

Causes of Diaper Rash

The most common causes of diaper rashes are:

  • When the wet diaper comes into contact with the skin for long, the chemicals in urine and poop makes up moisture which causes irritation and damage, therefore, resulting in the Diaper Rash.
  • If the size of the diaper proper or is loose then the friction caused by the rubbing of the skin with the diaper may cause diaper rash.
  • Yeast infection is another common type of adult diaper rash as the moist and warm surrounding formed due to the diaper is a perfect place for bacteria and yeast to grow.
  • People having sensitive skin easily get such diaper rashes.
  • Not washing the genital area carefully during daily cleaning can lead to a rash around the area where the diaper is worn.

How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash for Adults?

You can easily treat mild rashes at home with the adult diaper rash cream available in the market. Thought there are home remedies too for rash treatment but this is more effective and easy way to get rid of the diaper rash for adults. Before applying the rash cream, carefully wash the affected area and do not use wet wipes until completely cured. Carefully and generously apply the rash cream to the affected area, at least 2 times a day. Allow the affected area to air out for a few minutes a day without a diaper, if possible. The air will help heal the rash quickly.

Some of the diaper rash creams available in the market:

  • Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream
  • Calmoseptine Diaper Rash Ointment
  • Z-Bum Daily Moisturizing Diaper Rash Cream
  • Desitin Rapid Relief Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream

When to look for help

In most cases, diaper rash will be cured after a few days of home treatment. However, due to the weakening immunity system in the elderly, it’s important to remember that they are more likely to experience infections. If you see any of the following symptoms, we suggest you see your doctor:

  • If the rash worsens and doesn’t improve after four -five days, even after home treatment
  • If bleeding or puss coming from the affected area
  • If fever occurs after rash
  • If the elderly are experiencing burning or pain while urinating.


Prevention is better than cure and the best way to prevent adult diaper rash is to clean the diaper area and change the diapers as frequently as possible. This prevents moisture from turning into a rash. Gently clean the area covered by the diaper with water or a washcloth, every time you change the diaper. If possible, allow the diaper area to dry. Do not put powder to dry the skin as the powder can build up in the skin creases and hold moisture. Treating diaper rash in the first place of irritation can also help prevent the rash from becoming more serious.

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Diaper rash is normal as the skin in the diaper area may not get air easily but if you or your loved one gets diaper rashes on regular basis, be sure to inform your doctor as it could be a more serious infection. In most cases, diaper rash will clear up on its own with proper treatment and care. But ignoring the symptoms may lead you to a bigger problem. And as we said earlier, preventing the rashes can be much easier than curing them. So try to be a little more careful and live life to the fullest.

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