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How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy fast?

How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy fast?

Every pregnant woman complaint regarding heartburn during pregnancy. Heartburn is not linked with heart but is concerned with burning feeling in the chest. Heartburn along with indigestion is common problems during pregnancy faced by all pregnant women, especially in the third semester.  About 50 percent of women experience heartburn throughout pregnancy. The symptoms of heartburn generally occur after the meal.

Indigestion, heartburn as well as acid reflux starts at the early stage of pregnancy as from the first semester only. After that, it usually becomes more of trouble in the third semester of pregnancy. Pregnant women should take care of heartburn as it can turn out to be worse if not treated properly.

For some women, the worst thing regarding the pregnancy is the awful heartburn. As there are many medications for heartburn are available, but in pregnancy, the consumption of medicines should be avoided. So some diet and lifestyle changes can help to treat heartburn during pregnancy naturally.

Causes of heartburn during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women experience many physical as well as hormonal body changes, and this is the primary reason for heartburn during pregnancy.  Many other causes include:

  • Changes in hormonal levels cause heartburn in pregnancy and also affect the digestive tract.
  • In the third semester, uterus enlarges, and it pushes stomach contents against the diaphragm and moves stomach content to esophagus which in turn leads to the acid formation and which causes heartburn.
  • The growing baby also presses your stomach which leads to heartburn or indigestion.
  • You can suffer from indigestion or heartburn during pregnancy when you had this problem before you are pregnant.

Here are the few Ways on How to Get Rid of Heartburn During Pregnancy fast?

How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy fast

The problem of heartburn during pregnancy is very common, and there are many methods to relieve the problem of heartburn. You can easily get rid of heartburn by making changes in your diet and also all the way through natural remedies. Let’s have a look at some natural ways to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy. Some lifestyle and diet changes can help you to get relieved from heartburn naturally.

  • Pregnant women should avoid eating spicy, fried as well as fatty foods.
  • Pregnant women should avoid caffeinated as well as carbonated drinks as they also cause heartburn.
  • Instead of eating big meals consume small meals all through the day as it will assist you to treat heartburn.
  • Pregnant women can also chew chewing gum as it encourages saliva flow and leads to reduce acid levels and ultimately prevent heartburn efficiently.
  • Eating a spoonful of plain yogurt after every meal will help you to avoid heartburn. Eating yogurt will help you to neutralise the acid formed in the stomach.
  • One of the numerous benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy is that it is a natural acid neutraliser. It will offer instant relief from heartburn.
  • Eating raw almonds by pregnant women is the best way to treat heartburn during pregnancy. As oil in almonds is also a natural heartburn neutraliser and assist in soothing heartburn symptoms naturally.
  • Drinking mixture of milk and honey is the effective method to treat heartburn during pregnancy.
  • Drink more water all throughout the day but try to avoid drinking water between meals to prevent heartburn.
  • Place your head higher than the positioning of the foot; you can place pillows under our legs to get this position.
  • Pregnant women should also place pillows under their shoulders to prevent stomach acids from reaching the chest.
  • In pregnancy, women should wear loose fitting clothes as tight fitting clothes will increase pressure on the abdomen which is not suitable for baby’s growth.
  • Eat light before going to bed and always try to avoid foods which promote constipation. You should have your meal at least two hours before going to sleep.

Foods Not to Eat During Pregnancy to Prevent Heartburn

How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy fast

Some foods trigger heartburn during pregnancy and which should be avoided to get relieved from it. Below we have listed some food and drinks that are more prone to heartburn and which should be avoided by pregnant women:

Avoid certain meats

Pregnant women should avoid eating marbled sirloin, chicken wings, chicken nugget and ground beef to avoid heartburn.

Oils, Sweets as well as Fats

Pregnant women should not eat regular corn, potato chips, brownies, oily salad dressing, butter cookies and chocolate as all these trigger heartburn.

Veggies, Fruits, and Juice

Women who experience heartburn during pregnancy should avoid a lemon, grapefruit, tomato, mashed potato, French fries, raw onion and orange juice.

Avoid certain foods

Pregnant women should avoid wine, coffee, liquor, and tea as they all trigger heartburn. In pregnancy, women should avoid consuming cheese, macaroni as well as spaghetti. Women should avoid drinking milkshake, cottage cheese, and ice cream to treat heartburn. Consume fiber-rich food to avoid heartburn during pregnancy like green leafy veggies, apples, raisins, wheat, carrots, and figs.

Preventing heartburn is the ultimate way to manage it

By avoiding certain foods and also by consumption of some foods can treat your heartburn during pregnancy. Pregnant women should offer themselves a proper nutritional diet and should avoid overeating or which are one of the main reasons for heartburn.

But you should also consult the doctor for it side by side .as sometimes in some conditions these home remedies did not work. If you can’t manage your heartburn symptoms after changing your lifestyle and diet, then consult a doctor to ease them.

By following a proper and healthy diet plan during pregnancy, you can easily avoid heartburn situation. Along with healthy diet, pregnant women should follow a healthy lifestyle too. If you want to share more tips and remedies that have not covered above on How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy fast, then please do so in the comments section.