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How to Reduce Stomach Acid and Gas Naturally

How to Reduce Stomach Acid and Gas Naturally

Stomach Acid

A traditional proverb says “When taken in huge quantities, even nectar will act like poison”, the same needs to be considered when we talk about the Acidic level in human body.

Acidity is considered good to an extent because it helps in:

  • Cleansing the food (Antibacterial activity)
  • Breaking down the proteins
  • Activating some enzymes
  • Closing and opening of some sphincter muscles which act as gateway separating the stomach chamber.

But these activities need just twenty to hundred milliliters of stomach fluid in acidic form with the pH ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 with the pH with higher Acidic strength 1.5 is just needed to digest proteins and the rest of the activities need more pH level.

Note: The acidic to alkaline nature varies from the pH 1 to 14, 1-7 being Acidic and 7-17 being alkaline.

In spite of having these advantages of Acidic fluid in the gastric chamber, the Acidic fluid quantity should not rise beyond twenty to hundred milliliter range.

The condition of higher Acidity in the body is called Acidosis.

The Gastric acidosis can result in:

  • Kidney stones,
  • Serious Kidney problems
  • Bone disease and
  • Reduced growth rate, with

Very common symptoms like frequent quick breaths, confusion, fatigue, headache, sleepiness, lack of appetite, jaundice, breath that smells fruity.

Prevention of acidosis (Stomach Acid)

  • Get hydrated; do not allow getting thirst
  • Keep the blood sugar under control
  • Seldom consume alcohol


Like how the air filled balloon releases its air once it is burst, the same manner some of the food materials that we consume, release gases once they are compressed by the stomach grinding mechanism.

Suppose the food is not crushed and grinded sufficiently in the mouth and then swallowed or gulped, once it reaches the stomach, the stomach has to grind this food material and once it happens, the locked air will be released at the stomach itself which results in the formation of Gastric gases.

Some of the embarrassing after effects of the locked air in the stomach are Burping, Bloating (Sensation of gas stuck in the stomach) and flatulence.

Some take care of it only after some serious embarrassment; others care for the issue in the earlier stages itself.

Not much to be done to take care of the Gaseous problems apart from some simple notes

  • Say no to fast eating and huge intakes.
  • Say no to aerated drinks, and some foods like fat laden and greasy foods can increase the chances of worsening the Gaseous problems.
  • Poor digestion resulting in the more unstable microbial community in the belly can also cause the Gas formation.
  • Have enough probiotic food (Keto food) for example Yoghurt.
  • Keep a food diary to record all the food intakes of the day to easily analyze and debug cause of gas
  • Eat and drink with enough time with sufficient chews.
  • Drink lots of water at times putting a gap between the meals.
  • Eat more frequently and with less amount of food each time.
  • Following and sacrificing few practices may help in reducing such issues.

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