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How to Stop Sneezing from Allergies: 8 Natural Tips

How to Stop Sneezing from Allergies

Sneezing is a normal and natural process of our body until you get to be under the sneezing spell which can lead you to sneeze non-stop for minutes. Sneezing is actually a defense mechanism of our body that throw the dust particles and germs out from the nose way. A smaller particle can be a cause of sneeze, but sneezing from allergies are irritating and tiring too.

In this post, we will tell you how to control sneezing allergy but before that let’s have a look at the sneezing causes.

Why We Sneeze?

How to Stop Sneezing from Allergies

Sneezing is an involuntary action, and it happens when any kind of bacteria or virus enters in our nasal lining. It is a reflex response of our brain to protect our body from external germs or any other unwanted particles. Sneezing is just a small action which involves many of our muscles. Sneezing can be caused by the cold or flu but for non-stop sneezing, allergy is the main cause.

Now, let’s find out how to get rid of uncontrollable sneezing fits.

How to Control Sneezing Allergy?

The causes of sneezing we have already mentioned. Most of the time allergy is the main reason of uncontrollable sneezing fits. This allergy can be due to dust, sun or some particular smell. There are many ways to get rid of continuous sneezing. Here we have compiled a few proven methods that will help you to control the sneezing from allergies.

# Make sure the cause is allergy

First of all, you will have to make sure that the reason behind your sneezing is an allergy. Itchy or watery eyes on a daily basis or very frequently especially in some particular situation and that too without any reason is one of the five nasal allergy symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

Cold and flu often cause runny nose with yellow or green discharge, but in allergies, the color of mucus is clear and watery. If flu is the reason behind the sneezing, then your body temperature must be high but in allergy when you sneeze the body temperature remains normal.

Duration of your illness is another way to find out the root cause of sneezing; in flu, sneezing will continue for a short time, but if the allergy is the reason behind sneezing then it will start when you come in contact of allergy trigging thing.

# Learn your Trigger

Find out the reason of your sneezing allergy and try to be far from it. In most of the cases, following things trigger the sneezing fit; Dust, Sunlight, Pollen, Pet dander, Bright lights, Perfume, Spicy foods, Black pepper, and Common cold viruses.

It’s easy to know the reason behind the continues sneezing, if you get the fit of uncontrollable sneezing when you come in contact of sun, dust, smell or some particular food then you can find the exact reason behind your allergy. Like when you go out in dust, and running nose and sneezing start hitting you, then you have allergy with dust.

# Eat warm, cooked foods

Eating warm, cooked food is a sneezing allergy treatment in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, warm and cooked food with a small quantity of clarified butter gives rest to digestive energy.  In allergy, usually the digestion is low and raw food couldn’t get digested properly which create toxins.

So to prevent your body from toxins that will make the situation worse for you. A neti pot or nasal rinse cup is a must-have tool if you are allergic to something and get uncontrollable sneezing fits due to this.

# Tickle the Roof of the Mouth

You can stop your fit of sneezing by tickling the roof of your mouth. Do this for a few seconds, and your sneezing fit will be stopped.

# Blow your nose

Keep blowing your nose frequently when you are sneezing continuously or going to come in the contact to allergy trigging thing. This will help to throw the irritating particles out from the nose.

# Vitamin C

Increase your vitamin C intake as it will improve your immune system. To increase your vitamin C intake, you can have citrus fruits like lemon, orange, etc. With an increased vitamin C intake you will see an improvement in your sneezing fits over time.

# Avoid large Meal

If you have sneezing issue because of some allergy, then avoid having large meals. Eat in smaller portions and smaller bites as some people start sneezing when they are over full.

# Have an allergy-proof home

When you know that you are allergic to something, then you must try to avoid it. But most of the time the reasons of allergy is so common like sunlight or dust, in this case, having an allergy free home will surely help you. To have an allergy free home have a clean home, close the window and use a good vacuum cleaner.

# Hold your finger on your upper lip

When you start sneezing then put your index finger in between of your nostril and upper lips like a moustache. This trick works like a wonder, and many people find it effective in continuous sneezing issue.


These are just a few home remedies that could help you on how to stop sneezing from allergies. But if the problem is severe, then we suggest you to see a doctor as the issue can increase in future and you have to face the consequences. The author of this article is not a medical practitioner and thus relying on this sole information is not suggested.

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