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How to Stop White Discharge Naturally

How to Stop White Discharge Naturally

Any discharge from the human body is an embarrassing thing to be felt, seen and smelt. White discharge is such a kind of discharge from the vagina of females, especially of teenage girls.

Some Vaginal discharges are beneficial for to maintain pH balance of the vagina intact whereas there are some serious cases of vaginal white discharge as well and these may hunt us with embarrassment if not properly coped up hygienically. Before worsening the situation, some medication needs to be applied with the proper consultation of a doctor.

Normal secretions with Odor-free, thin, stringy, white spot characteristics are sometimes very much required in order to keep the vagina healthy, but when the secretion becomes abnormal in any of these characteristics and any of the following colors like Grayish white, Rusty, Green, Yellow, Brown, it needs to be given care.

Medical world calls this white color liquid as ‘Leucorrhoea’ since the action area of white discharge is around the Vagina, this causes disturbances in the genital organ and reproductive system in women. In addition, this may be backed by stomach pain, weakness and paleness in the entire health of the person, sexually transmitted disease, pelvic inflammation; Hormonal imbalances, vaginal or cervical infections and even it may lead to ovarian cancer also.

The greenish color in combination with an unpleasant odor is highly serious and need to be consulted with a doctor.

How to Stop White Discharge Naturally
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Here are some simple and quick ways on how to stop White Discharge naturally

  • Application of Alum on the vaginal douche. Alum being a perfect germicide helps the Vagina to be free from a breeding of unwanted germs in Vagina. A piece of Alum can be rubbed around the Vagina at time of showers.
  • Cranberry is a fruit which performs antibody actions in the human body which avoid any foreign substance around the Vagina.
  • Chewing of betel nuts helps to cure white discharge. In addition, by adding rose petals and sugar to it makes this mixture good for both intakes as well as application around the vagina.
  • Cumin seeds mixed with honey acts as a perfect remedy by applying evenly on the Vagina.
  • 3 to 4 times in a week, if done the application of warmed sandalwood oil and turmeric mixed with Garlic, will result in the antibacterial effect on the vagina.
  • Sweet mango can be pasted and then applied directly to vagina
  • The slurry of boiled lady finger and or coriander seeds when taken in, will help to naturally repel the bacteria and corresponding infection in the vaginal area
  • ‘Amla’ or Indian Gooseberry is an all-rounder in its medical benefits. Amla powder mixed with honey and taken in will result in great relief from the issues.
  • Pomegranate leaves and/or ‘Tulsi’ (Basil) made to a paste and mixed with honey can be consumed daily twice and get cured of white discharge.
  • Consuming Rice starch water on a regular interval after letting it cool down will help to get self-relief from white vaginal discharge.

There are a number of simple techniques/ways to get rid of this might a serious problem, adopt any of them on a routine basis and avoid risks of white vaginal discharge.

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