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Immune-boosting foods every toddler should have

Immune-boosting foods for kids

Winter, rains, change of climate or change in diet, any excuse is sufficient for kids, especially toddler to fall ill. Flu, cold, and cough are common year-round in many households.

One of the biggest reasons why kids fall ill is their weak immune system. Thankfully, with immune boosting foods packed with nutrients, you can make sure your kid is growing up strong and healthy.

  1. Yogurt

Immune-boosting foods for kids

You may already know that the beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in yogurt helps in digesting food and maintain a healthy digestive system. These probiotics also help improve your kid’s immune system and help them fight off flu and cold germs as well as inflammation. Do include yogurt, especially Greek yogurt – that is rich in calcium – into your kid’s diet chart.

  1. Garlic

Don’t be shy to add garlic to your gravies, especially around winter. The sulfur-containing compounds in garlic flourish the white blood cells and help your kids fight the infection. So don’t forget to add garlic to your recipes often if not every day that’ll improve your kids’ immunity while adding a natural and tasty flavor to your food.

  1. Almonds

Not only almonds make your kids’ memory sharper, but this protein-rich food also helps boost immunity. The nutrition like B-Vitamins in almonds helps ward off the side effects of stress (yes, kids get stressed as well). One cup of tasty almonds fulfill your child’s daily requirement of Vitamin E. Not to turn these immuno-boosters into a choking hazard, serve your kids sliced almonds or better yet natural almond butter.

  1. Barley and Oats

Barley and oats are packed with high soluble fiber, especially beta-gluten. This antioxidant-rich fiber helps your immune system fight against influenza and other illnesses.

Moreover, soluble fiber decreases inflammation and helps your kids heal faster from infections. A go-to oatmeal breakfast will give your kids the necessary fiber and other nutrients. Top it up with fruits and nuts to add yummy flavor and extra immune-boosting foods rich with nutrients to your kids’ breakfast.

  1. Chicken Soup

Don’t we all savor the delicious chicken soup when we catch a cold or flu? Yes, our elders give us the best advice when it comes to the chicken soup! You might as well have tried this trick on your kids whenever they catch a cold.

The chicken soup does not only evoke our taste buds, but the anti-inflammatory properties improve our body’s inflammatory response. Not only that, but it also helps to flush mucus out. So ill or not don’t hesitate to add homemade chicken soup to your meals, especially around winter when kids are more prone to fall sick and come down with cold and flu.

Start adding these immune-boosting foods in your meals to help your kid grow strong and healthy.

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