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Is milk good for piles?  What to eat in hemorrhoids disease?

Is milk good for piles?  What to eat in hemorrhoids disease?

What are piles/hemorrhoids?

In hemorrhoids, there is swelling and warts inside and outside the anus of the patient. This is a disease in which the patient suffers a lot. It is often seen that as soon as the symptoms of hemorrhoids are detected, the patient tries to cure the disease. At the time of bowel movement, when the affected person exerts a force, these warts come out and blood starts coming out. Even after proper medication many times the hemorrhoids are not fully treated.

This leads to the operation. In fact, in a disease like hemorrhoids, the patient needs to pay a lot of attention to his food as well as medicines. Talking about food, milk is one of those superfoods that is included in almost every household. Milk has immunity-boosting properties and is high in protein.

But is milk good for piles?

Read the full article to know if milk should be taken while suffering from piles.

What to eat in hemorrhoids disease?

Is milk good for piles?

It is believed that foods that have low fiber result in constipation and hemorrhoids. And milk is one of them.

Apart from milk, other dairy products might worsen the condition of hemorrhoids.

These include Cheese, ice cream, and other dairy foods. However, there is a way in which you can consume milk and it won’t affect your piles.

Milk and Turmeric:

Since turmeric is antiseptic, Drinking turmeric mixed with lukewarm milk every day will prevent infection and will also result in good sleep at night.

Also, you need to take care of your daily water intake. Water keeps your body hydrated and fresh. Increase the amount of water in the food (if you are on a liquid diet) and consume fiber-rich substances. Add Isabgol also known as psyllium husk to the milk and drink it. This will help in proper cleaning of the stomach if you have constipation problems.

Use of Turmeric in the treatment of hemorrhoids

Turmeric is also considered an effective remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids as we just discussed. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, turmeric is antiseptic, which destroys germs. At the same time, turmeric is also helpful in healing wounds. Turmeric has been regarded as a perfect cure for piles since time immemorial. Some methods can be used to treat painful hemorrhoids with turmeric. 

Now what we discussed above was all about milk and various combinations of milk that can be taken while suffering from piles.

What to eat in hemorrhoids disease?

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, your diet must include-

  • Grains: WheatBarley, Shali Rice.  
  • Lentils: Masoor dal, moong, wheat, pigeon pea.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Drumstick  ( Sigru ), praecitrullus fistulous, nutmeg, pointed gourd, garlic pigweed, pumpkin, seasonal vegetables, amaranth, Guava, Amla, papaya, radish leaves, seeds, greens, suran.
  • fiber-rich Fruits – Cucumber, Carrots, Beans, Beans.
  • Other: light meal, black salt, 
  •  cumin, turmeric, mint
  • lemon, Harad, Panchkol, asafoetida.
  • Whole grains. 
  • Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. 
  • Artichokes. 
  • Root vegetables.
  • Squash
  • Bell peppers.
  • Celery.

What not to eat in hemorrhoids disease?

You must avoid certain food items if you are suffering from hemorrhoids:

  • Grain: New paddy, maida.
  • Lentils: Urad dal, peas, soybeans, chickpeas.
  • Fruits and vegetables: potatoes, bell,  pepper, jackfruit, eggplant, rabic ( Guiya), okra, berries, peaches, raw mango, banana, all peppers.
  • Other: Oil, jaggery, samosa, fries, paratha, chaat, papad, new grains, acid, bitter juices, dry vegetables, cold food.
  • Strict refusal: oily spicy food, non-vegetarian, oil, ghee 
  • Red meat: Avoid any type of meat, as it takes longer to digest. It may also exacerbate constipation. 
  • Processed foods should be avoided generally also but in case of piles, processed foods such as sandwich meat, pizza, frozen meals, and other fast foods are a strict no-no.
  • Processed meats. 
  • Fried foods (french fries, spring rolls, etc.)
  • Salty foods.

Points to be remembered in Piles or Hemorrhoids Disease

While treating hemorrhoids, keep these things in mind:

  • Practice meditation and yoga daily. 
  • Must include fresh foods in your diet.
  • Eat slowly in a quiet place peacefully, positively, and with a happy heart.
  • Do not give up food at any time, and avoid excessive food.
  • Fasting once a week can help.
  • Leave 1 / 3rd / 1 / 4th part of the stomach empty.
  • Chew your food properly and slowly so that half of the digestion is done while chewing the food.
  • Take a walk 3-5 minutes after eating food.
  • Avoid bakery products, junk food, canned food, etc.
  • Avoid sitting for a longer time while pooping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in piles?

Piles or hemorrhoids are the swellings of veins around the anus. In this, there are moles like a bulge on the anus. Warts are either on the inner side of the anus or surround the anus.

What are the Symptoms of Piles?</span

 Symptoms of Piles are as follows- 

Constipation occurs due to indigestion. Warts first begin to harden, causing a prickle in the anus. Warts swell and the bowel movement becomes very painful if you do not pay attention. When the condition of piles worsens, blood also starts coming with the stool.

What are the Main Causes of Piles?

Causes of Piles are – There are many causes of hemorrhoids, among which are constipation, poor eating, lack of fiber in food, sitting too long, mental stress, and heavy lifting. This type of problem is also seen during pregnancy.

Let’s read about the ways to treat hemorrhoids

Do not sit in one place for too long. Include exercise in your routine. Include olive oil and ghee in the meal. Apart from this, consume coconut water and pomegranate in your diet. Avoid fried and roasted food.

Yoga and Asana for the treatment of hemorrhoids disease

During the treatment of hemorrhoids, you can do some yoga and asanas:
Yoga Pranayama and meditation : Bstrika , Kapal Bhati , Bahya Pranayam , Anulom reverse , Bhramari..
Asanas : Gomukhasana , Markatasana , Paschimottanasana , Sarvangasana , Kandharasana.


The internal swelling in the veins is mostly less painful, but if the veins swell, then this problem becomes very painful. In this, the patient becomes very weak due to bleeding from the anus. Therefore, it is important to treat hemorrhoids in time. If you are in the initial stage of hemorrhoids then you can cure hemorrhoids by following the above measures. All these suggestions have been used for centuries to treat hemorrhoids. But if the condition is severe then you must consult a doctor for the same.

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