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Monthly Health Tarot Reading by Anugya Sinha – April 2021

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While the Pandemic is far from over, all of us need to take proper precautions. Covid19, this airborne disease is here to stay for April 2021 (and perhaps even longer). Mask, Social Distancing, and Sanitization remain of utmost importance.

Read on to know what suggestions Tarot has for you, with respect to your health and wellness. These Tarot readings are general readings based on Sun Signs.

Here is the April month tarot reading

Aries (21st March – 20th April)

For those who have been suffering from any illness or injury, you might see a good recovery this month. Thinking a lot about the past? Try to take more positives from it, do not carry the baggage from the past. Avoid sulking as staying maroon can push you towards depression. If things really go south, then do not hesitate to see a counselor. You might be working a lot either at the office or gym, basically, stressing out yourself. Avoid exertion; well, that is implied to excessive partying (alcohol consumption) also.

Taurus (21st April- 21st May)

A lot of negative stress might result in bad mental health as much as it might affect your physical health. You may also suffer from constipation. If you are due to do any tests done, then don’t delay any further. A need to do a proper check-up and analysis is highlighted. Ever given a thought to try energy healing?

Gemini (22nd May – 21st June)

You may need a second opinion to go to the depth of your health issue. Ensure that no symptoms are ignored. Also, get your BP checked.

Follow a balanced diet, avoid smoking, spicy foods, and drinks, especially those which inflame your stomach. You are very much aware of what you need to do for good health (food, exercise, etc.), do not cheat. Eat healthy and natural, preferably home-cooked.

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

Probably you have maintained good self-discipline for a very long and it is a good thing. It could be in form of a sleep schedule, diet, exercise, etc. Maintain it. You might get tempted to break your set rule and indulge in social events or celebrations. Do it, go ahead, but be careful and with all possible precautions. Indulge, but moderately.

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

While you have been protected from worse illnesses/ diseases, stay alert. Chances of being affected by water-borne diseases are highlighted. If suffering from pollen allergy, it might decrease. You might be full of energy this month. However, as you move forward, a lot of energy and enthusiasm might turn into weariness. Do not overdo. Take it easy, take small steps.

Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)

Would you believe if I told you that it is your mind that is creating illness? You might be drifting towards negative thoughts. A holiday would have been a decent suggestion, but looking at the air around, I wouldn’t recommend that. Perhaps, just take few days off and stay at home. Do not stay alone, spend time with loved ones. Stay hydrated, consciously include liquid in your diet. Walking (or any other form of exercise) is recommended.

Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

Avoid overdoing anything – household chores, gym, exercising, anything physical. This might only stress you further or deteriorate your health. Symptoms such as extreme exhaustion and nervous exhaustion are also represented. It’s time, you put health on the first pedestal.

Take one thing at a time. Another extreme would be lethargy, overcome it. You might face some sleep issues, further affecting your health.

Scorpio (23rd October- 22nd November)

You have been taking all the possible precautions for health, continue with it. In case of prolonged illness, you may find the motivation to overcome the challenges. You may face some digestive issues. Take things slow and easy. Start with a new exercise regime.

Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December)

Stay indoors as much as possible, or closer to nature. If you are trying to conceive, this is a good period. However, you might feel very energetic this month, health-wise. Avoid any form of exertion to your body. Avoid alcohol or substance abuse.

Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January)

Take care, you might face stomach-related issues. You might have to make some expenses this month, account them as investments in health. Ongoing illness will see recovery, in case if it doesn’t then it may be time to try alternate therapy, especially something that could be ayurvedic or herbal.

While a lot of information is available on the internet, refer to a health expert before taking any major health step. Adapt for natural food instead of processed or junk. Well, pregnancy is also indicated, for those who might want to conceive.

Aquarius (21st January – 18th February)

This month, your health might suffer. Any critical disease is likely to be diagnosed. Stay indoors. Be careful of accidents, especially related to fire. Stop substance abuse. Take very good care of yourself, physically and mentally. Also, a need to try staying calm and peaceful is indicated. You will probably understand the need to get on to the road to recovery. Maybe you can try meditation or breathing exercises (under supervision).

Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

Are you attempting a ride against the wind? If suffering from ongoing illness, this month may see quick and successful recovery. You may have plans to travel, however, do analyze if it is really required. Avoid meat consumption, if possible.

Have a good month ahead!

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Anugya Sinha

Anugya Sinha is Tarot Card Reader and has been practicing this divination art for almost a decade, now. She believes in making her patrons realize their true potential, primarily by overcoming pessimism and dwelling on optimism. She is a communications professional and also has an avid interest in book reviews, soap-and chocolate-making.


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