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Factors that lead to Frequent or Recurrent Miscarriages

Recurrent Miscarriages

As much it was a joy to the couple to bring new life to the existence, immensely more is the pain of losing it. Baring it once is shattering and frequent loss can be devastating. But please remember it is not your fault and it is not such an unheard phenomenon. Though science has come a long way but still about 15% of confirmed pregnancies do not survive and about 8% do not survive the first trimester, about one in 92 women suffer the loss of recurrent miscarriages

Your answer to the problem starts with accepting ‘ It is not, not your fault’. And look at the flip side; if you were able to conceive once meaning you can conceive again (about 38% of females have conception issues) also your loss has warned you and this time try conceiving under the supervision of your gynecologist.

You must be wondering why didn’t your gynecologist catch it in the first time or may be in the second time, you may even think he or she is not right for you, and you must change your gynecologist. Many gynecologists in Delhi have experienced this.

But the truth is it not always possible to detect the cause, it takes multiple investigations and experience and knowledge about the mother’s body tendencies and complications. You must stick to your doctor since they know all your history and would be in a better position to administer treatment.

Here’s are the most common recurrent miscarriages Causes

Chromosomal Abnormalities

Chromosomes are gene carrying cells and each one of us have 23 pair; one set from mother and one from father. If one or other is faulty it results in abnormal embryo and pregnancy usually results in miscarriages. Mismatched chromosomes or Chromosomal Abnormalities accounts for 60% miscarriages says the leading gynaecologist in Delhi.

Uterine Abnormalities

Disoriented uterus meaning abnormally formed or divided uterus makes it difficult for the embryo to implant and even if it gets implanted it does not get proper nutrients to sustain.

Weak Cervixes

So is the case with cervix if all is ok and the embryo starts to grow and by the end of 12 weeks it is big enough and cervix needs to bulge to accommodate but if the cervix is weak in incompetent then it fails to hold the growing fetus.

Immunological Disorder

Another magic of this godly creation of giving life; in truth, a female body treats sperms as a foreign object but most times a fertilized egg sends message to mother after which, the mother’s body treats the fertilized egg as germ and conception happens. In some cases, this transmission fails and mother treats the egg as germ and attacks own tissues and embryo.

Untreated Thyroid, Diabetes, PCOS or PCOD

Thyroid and Diabetes both when uncontrolled creates an unfeasible condition of embryo or fetus to survive. PCOS or PCOD is most common cause because of the changing lifestyle of the generation, explains gynecologist in Delhi. Those who have PCOS have insulin resistance and high level of male hormones which disturbs ovulation and prevents proper of the endometrial lining.

Though these are the major causes of recurrent miscarriages but reproductive tract infection, lifestyle habits like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and other forms of toxins are alarming causes of concern.

If you would like to share your own experience and other causes for this problem, then please do so in the comments section below. We are

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