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11 Summer Health Tips for Students that will beat the heat

Summer Health Tips for Students


Summers are here! Exams are over and done with, all students being promoted to the next class and now it is a time for them to get some well-deserved fun, holidays and relaxation. And, at this time you probably are spending the summer with your kids at home or at their granny’s or at some exotic location. And being parents, it is your responsibility to ensure that the kids stay healthy during this hot summer period.

In India, we have a tropical climate in most of the cities, and this includes rather extreme summers. Indian summers are intense humid along with heat, both of which are responsible for some common health issues in students. Since prevention is better than cure, we should better be prepared for the most common summer health problems in students, and take adequate precautions in advance.

Here we are going to discuss the health problems students face during summers and their solutions too.

Summer Health Tips for Students

  1. Dehydration

The most important summer health tip for students is to stay Hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration is a very common problem during summer because the kids are so busy playing that they simply forget to drink enough liquid. Though they drink more water than usual, it is likely to still be less than what their bodies need in hot weather as they regularly play outdoors, where they sweat a lot and the water content in the body drops. The signs of dehydration include extreme thirst, fatigue and very little urine output.

Summer Health Tips for Students

In this type of situations, do take care of them a little extra and make them drink a lot of water, oral rehydration solution or coconut water – this will help restore the minerals and salts lost through sweating. Also, try to avoid energy drinks as much as possible as anything having high sugar content simply dehydrates your body. Always carry a stainless steel reusable water bottle with you whenever going out with the kids.

  1. Allergies

Summer Health Tips for Students

Summers come with its own set of allergies and the most popular among them is inhalant allergies as the Pollen counts are higher in this season. It causes sneezing and nose irritations. Students mostly go outdoors to play that increases the risk.

First of all, you need to figure out if your kid is sensitive to these allergies. If yes, it is better to avoid going out or to such places where pollen counts are higher or keep antihistamines handy and try to minimize contact with the allergens.

  1. Fungal Infections

Summers in India are known for their high humidity, so sweating is a given, making it the perfect weather for fungal infections. Underarms, groin, between the toes and all body parts which don’t get much air, are the spots that catch the infection easily. The symptoms include constant itching and redness in that particular area.

To avoid such infection, it is important to maintain good hygiene and wear clean and dry clothes all the time, especially when they come home after playing outdoors or swimming. Always wash their hands and feet after playing.

  1. Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is also a common summer health problem for students in India. Though most of the schools provide an air-conditioned environment in the schools these days, yet playing outdoors makes them sweat a lot that ends up blocking the sweat glands. Young students are more prone to the problem because of their underdeveloped sweat glands. As a result, red small rashes usually appear on the back, abdomen or arms. It is itchy and in some cases, a mild redness might persist.

Though the problem is not serious, it can be uncomfortable and the use of prickly heat powder offers relief. Also, dress the child in soft light cotton clothes and allow some nude time for the rashes to get healed. Also, make sure that the kid is well hydrated.

  1. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is usually seen in summers due to food or water-borne diseases. It can cause a lot of energy drain and illness in kids. The main cause of this disease is eating the unhygienic food.

Keep a strict eye on kids’ diets during summers and try to make them eat at home as much as possible. While you are on vacation, it is not possible to eat home-made food but try to avoid shady places and raw food and eat hot, cooked food and drink mineral water.

Things to Remember

Here are some common tips for the students to cope with the scorching heat of the summer.

Summer Health Tips for Students

  1. Eat fruits and veggies: Fruits and veggies are rich in water content and eating plenty of them will help you stay hydrated.
  2. Wear cotton clothes: Excessive sweating cause dehydration thus wearing the right clothes can help you stay cool during the heat. Always opt for light, breathable materials like cotton and linen of lighter shades in summers. White colored clothes are best for summers.
  3. Always carry a water bottle: We all know that staying hydrated is very important in summers. Whenever your kids go out, make sure they have a water bottle.
  4. Give your kid fresh juices or lemon water: Instead of readymade juices available in the market, make your kid sip the coconut water, fresh juice or lemon juice as refreshment. These juices not only keep them hydrated but energized too.
  5. Make them cover their heads during peak hours: Put summer hat on their heads and sunshades to protect them from direct sunlight during the peak hours of the day.
  6. Keep kids out of mid-day sun: Try to keep your kids away from direct sunlight especially during peak hours from 11 AM to 4 PM. Engage them in indoor activities or make them study during this time. Evening times are best for playing outdoor games.

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Final Words

Whether you are inside or outside of your home, you need to take proper precautions. Take care of your kids to avoid heat stroke, sunstroke and above mentioned summer issues. Follow the above mentioned summer health tips for students to make them stay cool and hydrated during the hot summer season.

Hope you find the article useful. Share your views and your go-to tips for summers with us in the comment section below.

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